#WinWednesday I went to a Primary School today.. Would you go back if you could?

Today i went to visit my niece in her school. It was her birthday and we brought pizza and a cake and it was so interesting being in a school again.

I have been back on the premises of different schools but usually never during actual school sessions so the feeling was a bit surreal.

Kids running around and greeting everyone they walked by on a corridor, and little chairs and tables. Is it not funny that when we were their age, we absolutely thought we were so big?
I was looking at these kids, even those that were close to my height (sigh) and i wanted to whisper to each one of them, "Enjoy it. Don't grow up too fast".

I told my sister as were leaving, "I couldn't go back. You know all these people that ask if you would go back if you could? I wouldn't. At least not here".

If i could go back, I would go back to a few years ago. While time has a way of making everything about the past feel beautiful, the truth is, I can't imagine sitting in class and studying. I cannot imagine going back to always feeling something was wrong and always wondering why i did not seem to fit in.

Back then, i cried alot because i felt shut out of everything. These days, i love my weirdness.

I think the benefit of growing up and getting to 30 is, you start to actually enjoy it. Life, Your own company, Your body... You actually start to like yourself.

If I could go back, I would do 3 things
- Enjoy it a bit more
- Panic a lot less
- Lose more bad habits.

We may not be able to go back, but we can start getting it right now.
Everyday i can enjoy my life a bit more, panic a lot less, and lose bad habits.

What about you?


Hi fellas. It's another amazing Wednesday. Our Woman Crush is  one person I tried to get for a long time and thank God for persistence! They say nothing good comes easy; You can imagine how much harder it is to get one of the best. *winks

Our WCW, Fisayo Longe is an entrepreneur, a  Fashion, Travel and Personal Development blogger. She's the founder of Mirror me and KAI, an affordable women-wear clothing line.
Fun fact: I had hundreds of beautiful photos of her to choose from for this interview. I was too sad that I had to settle for just a few. She's style goals all day every day. Enjoy my brief chat with her!

Hi Fisayo!

1) You’re the founder of KAI and  'Mirrorme', a Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel blog, how do you deal with all the peculiar uncertainties/challenges that come with owning a ‘business’ and how has the entrepreneurial journey been so far?

FISAYO: It’s been more challenging than I expected but I’m happy that I didn’t realise how challenging it would be because I wouldn’t have done it at the time that I did, if I had known. Mirror Me hasn’t been as challenging as my clothing business KAI to be honest. I deal by being solutions-oriented, keeping my focus on the long-term goal and digging deep to find inner strength when I feel like giving up. 

2) Many people see the glam side of your brand on social media, but tell us what it really takes to consistently deliver relevant content.

FISAYO: You have to constantly brainstorm ideas, keep on top of what is trendy and what is happening in the world generally, put outfits together, have shoot days where you change in toilets of coffee shops and on the streets, write, edit photos- there’s so much! Most of it is unglamorous but I love that the end product looks so glamorous and effortless- that’s the plan!

 3) How do you deal with negativity on social media and what’s your major rule when it comes to using social media (if any)?
FISAYO: I don’t get as much negativity as I would expect and I find it quite easy to ignore it or just shoot back a sarcastic reply to be honest. I have a core group of family and friends that I really trust- I don’t care about many other opinions apart from theirs. Everyone’s got something to say and if I had listened to them, I wouldn’t be where I am today so why start listening now?

4) Please tell us one fun fact about you.
FISAYO: I’m not sure, I find this question really difficult/awkward. Lol. I mean like, fun to who? I don’t know. I’m a strange person- I enjoy writing to myself and I have myself on whatsapp. Is that fun? lol. 

5)  If you could advice someone chasing their dreams out there now,
you'd tell them to:
FISAYO: Learn yourself- find time to really search and learn who you are and make sure that this dream is really yours. Ignore the noise and listen to the voice inside of you. Finally, feel the fear and do it anyway.

6) We had 'the Lawyartist’ on our MCM Segment and he mentioned that he’d love to draw you because you strike the most amazing poses; How does that make you feel and will you be taking him up on that?
FISAYO: I love Tunji! I met him on the internet because he always commented on my photos and supported me. He’s a great positive spirit. Sure, why not, he’s really talented.

7) What’s on your mind this Wednesday?
FISAYO: How the hell am I going to get through all this work before the end of the year?! That’s what’s on my mind. Lol.

Stay inspired!

For more about Fisayo 
instagram : @fisayolonge
Twitter: @fisayolonge

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